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New Royal OTC is an improved version of the most popular model in the Saeco line, which has gained worldwide recognition and gained a new bright personality. Bold and stylish design.
The Saeco New Royal OTC coffee machine has all the necessary functions to make the coffee break even more enjoyable. This model is designed to serve espresso, cappuccino or hot water. The height of the coffee dispenser is easy to adjust to any cup. Reliable built-in coffee grinder with steel conical blades, separate nozzle for hot water supply. The strength of the coffee and the degree of grinding can be changed according to individual preferences. Thanks to the removable brewing unit, this coffee maker is very easy to care for. It is also possible to connect via Bluetooth. A powerful interface with photorealistic images and an iconographic display make it easy to choose a coffee drink and give the coffee machine a futuristic style that will complement the workplace with dignity.

Powerful interface with photorealistic images
Cappuccino function
Automatic shutdown
Built-in coffee grinder
Steel conical blades
Separate nozzle for hot water supply
Coffee dispenser height adjustment
Coffee strength adjustment
Detachable brewing unit
Container for coffee waste
Type of coffee: grain

Dimensions of the device, mm (WxHxD) - 280 x 398 x 460 mm
Weight of the machine, kg - 10 kg
Power, W - 1,400 W.
Coffee container, kg: - 0.6 kg
Container for water, l - 2,5 l
Container for used coffee, portions - 18 portions
Ability to cook two servings at once - yes
Height adjustment of the crane (height of a glass) - (75 - 160 mm)
Number of coffee grinders - 1 (metal. Conical blades)
Dosage of coffee per serving - 6 levels (from 6 to 10)
Number of boilers - 1
Volume of water at autonomous work, l - 2,5
Number of drinks (standard) - 5
Cappuccino maker - yes
Separate hot water tap - yes

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