About Coffeemaster

CoffeeMaster introduces people to the best coffee in the world.


From 2007 to 2008 we received the status of a distributor of TM Paulig coffee in Kyiv and Central Ukraine. Since 2009, the service center "CoffeeMaster" is certified for the sale, after-sales service of coffee machines Saeco, Spidem and Gaggia. 2010 - the company's package includes more than 20 world-famous coffee brands. 2011 milk, tea, cream and syrups were added to the price of the delivered products. In 2013, we registered and successfully launched 2 of our own brands - Mario Caffe and CoffeeMaster. In 2017, development of a company development strategy for the next 3 years within the project of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (grant from the Government of Sweden).

About Coffeemaster

CoffeeMaster was the first company in the Ukrainian coffee market to develop and implement the Trade-IN program for all its customers (replacement of old coffee makers with new ones on special terms). All employees of the company were trained and received certificates of a specialist in the field of coffee beans. Conducting a seminar "COFFEE IN THE OFFICE" within the project EVA - School of Personal Assistant Managers. Sponsorship of European Business Association programs. Organization and holding of coffee support of many IT conferences. Speech by our experts with a lecture on the quality of coffee at the international meeting Boeing security. In 2010-2011, KofeMaster was twice awarded by the Paulig coffee company for the active development of the coffee business and the promotion of the Paulig coffee brand in Ukraine.


Today, thanks to high professionalism and friendly staff, the company "CoffeeMaster" serves more than 450 companies in Kiev and Ukraine. Our team serves up to 50,000 people daily and this means that our customers drink two cups of coffee every second.

Implementation of European quality standards for coffee makers (passport and schedule). Ability to order a product that is not in the main price of the company. Individual approach to solving customer requests (individual coffee roasting, selection of the latest models of coffee makers). Get acquainted with new coffee and new models of coffee makers (free). Special discounts on Coffeemaster products for all employees of the client.


The history of the company "Coffee Master" began in 2005.


Thanks to high professionalism and friendly staff, the company "Coffee Master" serves more than 500 companies in Kiev and Ukraine, offering coffee and coffee equipment of various brands that are ideal for offices and home.


On our website you can get acquainted with all the products of "Coffee Master", get all the necessary information about coffee and coffee makers, send e-mails to the company and order products "Coffee Master" with free delivery by phone. (044) 332-79-88 or by e-mail: info@coffeemaster.com.ua