Return of goods

By choosing equipment in the Coffee Master online store, you can expect to receive original and high-quality devices. Return, exchange or replacement of products is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine entitled "On Consumer Protection".


If the goods are of good quality, the buyer has the right to terminate the distance contract within 14 days after its execution.


In order to preserve the right to terminate the agreement, the consumer must monitor the preservation of products in their original condition. If the appliance is destroyed, damaged or damaged through no fault of the customer, the customer is not deprived of the opportunity to terminate the contract. If the cost has decreased due to unpacking the product or checking the efficiency, it does not mean that the consumer can not write a request for a refund.


The goods are not accepted back if at least one of the components is missing:
   • equipment in full;
   • a check proving the fact of purchase in the Foxtrot online store;
   • warranty card;
   • an act describing the defect, drawn up by the service department.


The funds must be returned on the day of application. If the money cannot be returned on the same day, another date is fixed, but not later than 7 days.

Complaints and remaining questions can be asked by phone +38 (067) 998-52-26 or online by filling out the feedback form. The current Ukrainian legislation is taken as a basis for drawing up the claim.


Food is a category of goods that cannot be returned.