Fiori Aroma Crema coffee 1 kg of beans

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Fiori Aroma - your daily coffee!

This is the best coffee that makes your day more energetic and happier. Packaging in a fashionable design creates a creative mood for the whole day. Now your coffee is always fragrant and fresh. And all this is due to the fact that the package consists of three layers of protection and a degassing valve.

Coffeemaster was the first company to create coffee blends especially for fans of classic and exotic coffee tastes.

How are Fiori Aroma grains different from the ones you usually drink? The classic coffee berry contains two beans. And the blend of Fiori Aroma Crema includes "pepper" grain, which coffee experts also call a pearl. This coffee has the power of taste and aroma of two beans, and consists of only one.

"Pepper" enhances the pleasant aftertaste of your favorite classic espresso and cappuccino drinks.

Fiori Aroma is the best coffee to order today.

Roasting: medium
Ingredients: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta
Country of origin: Ukraine
Packing: vacuum with the valve, 1 kg

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