Coffee Blaser Cafe Lilla e Rose 1 kg of beans

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The sweet aroma of real coffee!

Blaser Cafe Lilla e Rose coffee beans include exquisite varieties of exquisite Arabica, which are harmoniously complemented by high-quality robusta from India and Indonesia.

Blaser Cafe Lilla e Rose has a bright taste with a slight bitterness and sweet notes in the aftertaste.

The unusual name, Lilla e Rose - lilac and rose - expresses the dominant shades of aroma in addition to light honey-caramel notes, vanilla and citrus aromas.

Bright floral and fruity aromas with a medium degree of roasting coffee create a special fullness of perception of the drink.

Recommended for connoisseurs of moderate bitterness coffee oriental or espresso. Owners of coffee makers and coffee machines will enjoy a fragrant espresso with a thick creamy foam, and homemade coffee from a cezve or geyser coffee maker will give the aroma to your whole home.

Blaser Lilla e Rose coffee beans have gained worldwide popularity, becoming the winner of the world barista championships, both among professionals and amateurs.

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