Coffee Colombia Gourmet Blend 1kg beans

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Colombia is a mysterious, picturesque tropical region that attracts with its indescribable beauty. Country of orchids, emeralds and eternal summer. Extensive tropical evergreen forests, high mountains, an endless variety of fruit and coffee plantations - the hallmarks of this distant equatorial region. The place where the happiest people on the planet live, and it is there that is a real coffee paradise for gourmets, which gave humanity a real masterpiece of coffee art wonderful coffee - Colombia Gourmet Blend.

Favorable climatic conditions and the vast experience of the best experts in their field, combined with coffee beans of alpine botanical varieties, allowed to create this unsurpassed product called Colombia Gourmet Blend. The radiance of colors revealed in a bouquet of alpine Arabica and Robusta, in a unique combination of the best coffee varieties, enchants with its exquisite taste and aroma. Thanks to the painstaking work of our experts, Colombia Gourmet Blend has harmoniously absorbed all the beauty and bright identity of this tropical region, and its wonderful taste is able to satisfy the most demanding.

 Unique delicate aroma, soft and pleasant foam with a delicate chocolate flavor, will not leave anyone out. The real highlight of this blend is warmed by the gentle rays of the equatorial sun and carefully selected high-quality coffee beans from fertile plantations on the slopes of volcanic mountains, generously enriched with minerals and trace elements. While enjoying Colombia Gourmet Blend coffee, you mentally immerse yourself in unexplored distant exotic lands, getting an incredible feeling of pleasure that takes your breath away.

Roasting: medium
Ingredients: Arabica blend
Country of origin: Ukraine
Packing: kraft, 1 kg.

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