Coffee machine Jura Z6 Aluminium

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The Jura Z6 Aluminum coffee machine is a smart coffee maker that prepares 22 variants of drinks in a couple of touches on the control panel. Thanks to the "smart mode", the coffee maker remembers the most frequently consumed drinks and automatically adapts the home screen of the 3.5-inch color TFT display.

Pulse Extraction Process (or pulse extraction process) is a special brewing technology that will allow you to make high-quality espresso, which is not inferior to drinks made on a professional coffee machine.

At the touch of a button, the Jura Z6 Aluminum is able to professionally add milk / milk foam to your coffee drinks. In addition, the device is able to automatically switch from milk to milk foam depending on the selected drink.

Improved technology for making "long" drinks (like lungo) involves the use of a special method that mixes espresso with hot water during extraction.



- Automated preparation of drinks with milk at the touch of a button (HP3 system)
- P.E.P technology (pulse extraction)
- Lungo one-touch function
- Color TFT display
- Reasonable mode
- Intelligent pre-brewing system I.P.B.A.S
- 22 individually programmed drinks
- Professional coffee grinder Professional Aroma Grinder
- Recognition of falling asleep ground coffee
- Jura Smart Connect - coffee machine settings via smartphone via Bluetooth
- Indication of the wireless connection between the milk hopper (Cool Control Wireless) and the coffee maker
- Active control of coffee beans
- Controlled pallet for collecting drops
- The capacity of the brewing unit is 5-16 g
- Integrated program for cleaning, washing and descaling, cleaning the dairy system
- Saving, copying and personalizing drinks
- 10 levels of coffee strength programming
- 10 levels of programming of temperature of milk and milk foam
- 3 levels of coffee brewing temperature programming
- 3 levels of hot water temperature programming
- Built-in cup lights
- Built-in water tank backlight
- Compartment for ground coffee
Cooking programs: ristretto, 2 x ristretto, espresso, 2 x espresso, espresso Dopp, coffee, 2 x coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, espresso macchiato / macchiato, portion of milk, hot water, water for green tea

Dimensions (shhvhg): 320 x 375 x 450
Weight: 12.5 kg
Water capacity: 2.4 liters
Coffee container: 280 g
Cake container volume: 20 servings
Power consumption 1450 W.

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