Сoffee machine Dr. Coffee (Liberty's) F11 Plus 8L

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Coffee machine Dr. Coffee (Liberty's) F11 Plus 8L is a perfect combination of stylish, modern design and excellent functionality. It has a small size, but at the same time guarantees excellent taste due to the innovative technology of fresh tea.

Due to its compactness and elegant appearance, the coffee maker is perfect for small offices, conference rooms and home kitchens.

The coffee machine can be operated from a detachable stand-alone hopper, a water bottle and a coffee maker can be connected to the water supply.

The coffee machine menu is displayed on a large touch screen. In the settings, you can change the proportions of the selected drink, adapting it to your taste preferences (adjusting the amount of coffee, water or milk foam).

The coffee machine is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder with ceramic grinders. The degree of grinding is regulated automatically, which makes operation much easier.


- the innovative brewing system can satisfy your needs, both in usual coffee without pressure, and in espresso under pressure;
- The 7-inch touch panel is easy to use and effective thanks to what coffee to your order is always at hand;
- the combination of an enlarged grain hopper, water tank and waste container can easily cope with the peak load;
- different ways of water supply and the mechanism of self-purification can cope with any cases of pollution;
- auto power off;
- choice of portion size;
- hot water supply for tea;
- adjustment of coffee strength.


Dimensions (WxHxD): 410 x 500 x 580
Weight: 17 kg
Power consumption 1700 W.
Water capacity: 8 liters
Coffee container: 1000 grams
Productivity per day - 100 cups
Cake container - 70 servings
Height of a glass max - 17 cm
Water intake from the tank

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