Coffee machine Saeco Royal Office

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Reliable coffee machine for business or office. The present counter of portions of the issued drinks will help to control the owner of his business. The main hoppers and units of the coffee maker are locked, which makes it impossible to carry out machinations with grains filled up for cooking. The functionality of the Saeco Royal Office coffee maker includes the ability to gradually change the temperature of coffee preparation, which promotes good brewing of coffee with any content of robusta and arabica. The Saeco Royal Office coffee maker has only three main control buttons - it never gets easier! The coffee maker pays for itself in 1 month. This is a reliable choice for starting a coffee business.


Type of coffee maker: automatic
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm: 390 x 395 x 455
Weight, kg: 14.5
Power consumption, W 1500
Water tank, l: 6.5
Coffee container, g: 1000

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