Coffee machine KAFFIT Nizza Autocappuccino (White)

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KAFFIT Nizza Autocappuccino is an automatic coffee maker that allows you to prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks with milk. All milk-based drinks are prepared at the touch of a button. The automatic cappuccino maker easily switches from the mode of foaming of milk on heating. Adjusting the strength of coffee and the amount of water during cooking.

Five degrees of grinding will help to choose the optimal settings for any coffee blend or mono-variety, because each grain has its own properties of taste and aroma due to grinding. The coffee machine does not require special maintenance due to the automatic cleaning of the cappuccino maker and cleaning from scale and coffee oils, all processes are automatic, using easily soluble cleaning tablets.


- Used coffee: grain / ground.
- Coffee grinder: steel grinder, set to 5 degrees of grinding.
- Automatic programs for washing / cleaning from scale, coffee oils and Auto-cappuccino system.
- Coffee strength adjustment: 3 levels


Dimensions (WxHxD): 302 x 370 x 450
Weight: 11.5 kg
Power consumption 1400 W.
Water capacity: 1.8 liters
Coffee container: 250 gr
Display: LCD, touch with a clear menu.
Length of a network cable: 1,2 m

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