Coffee machine Jura WE8 Dark Inox

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The successful office coffee maker has been refined. The Jura WE8 Dark coffee machine is an ideal choice for those who appreciate aesthetics, versatility and unsurpassed preparation of coffee drinks.

Innovative technologies dramatically improve the quality of coffee drinks. The One Touch function allows you to make such fashionable coffee drinks as latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino at the touch of a button. The buttons located on the front panel and the modern LCD display with an active matrix provide incredibly simple management even for inexperienced users.

Thanks to the new nozzle for whipping microporous foam and pulsed brewing P.E.P, the coffee maker will prepare espresso, ristretto and milk drinks close to the level of a professional coffee maker.

The coffee machine has a wide range of individual coffee settings, the ability to block certain coffee drinks and program the drinks desired by users instead. In addition, if desired, you can use different modes that allow you to change the preset parameters or volumes of cups used only after pressing a certain combination of buttons.
- 16 individually programmed drinks
- One-button automated cappuccino making (HP3 system)
- P.E.P technology (pulse extraction)
- One-touch preparation of "long" coffee drinks (One-Touch Lungo function)
- Automatic recognition of the presence of a water filter
- Indication of the wireless connection between the milk hopper (Cool Control) and the coffee maker
- Automatic recognition of ground coffee filling
- Controlled pallet for collecting drops
- The capacity of the brewing unit is 5-16 g
- Intelligent pre-brewing system I.P.B.A.S
- Service indicator
- Integrated program for cleaning, rinsing and descaling
- Integrated program for washing and cleaning the dairy system
- Energy saving mode
- Beverage volume programming
- 8 levels of coffee strength programming
- 2 levels of beverage temperature programming
- 3 levels of programming of temperature of hot water with a possibility of gradual programming
- Daily counter with the possibility of reset
- Ability to view the number of preparations for each drink
- Color TFT display
- Built-in cup lights
- Compartment for ground coffee
- Height adjustment of the coffee dispensing unit
Cooking programs: ristretto, 2 x ristretto, espresso, 2 x espresso, coffee, 2 x coffee, cappuccino, espresso dopp, espresso macchiato / macchiato, latte macchiato, flat white, portion of milk, hot water, green tea water, ground coffee, special coffee


Dimensions: 295 x 419 x 444
Weight: 10 kg
Water capacity: 3 liters
Coffee container: 500 g
Cake container volume: 25 servings
Power consumption 1450 W.

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