Coffee machine Delonghi ECO311.BK (black)

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The DeLonghi ECO 311 BK coffee machine will treat you to a strong espresso with a beautiful and stable "crema" foam. The device is completed with two filters - for a possibility of preparation of one portion or two at once. Install the required filter and pour the required amount of ground coffee. You can also use coffee in chalds for this coffee maker. Thanks to the built-in seal you can easily stuff coffee into a horn.

The Cappuccino system is a special nozzle through which steam is fed, with the help of steam the milk is whipped into a loose, thick foam. You can adjust the intensity of the steam supply using the switch. Buy DeLonghi ECO 311.BK - is to ensure the ease of preparation of your favorite drinks: cappuccino, latte, macchiato. To do this, immerse the nozzle in a pitcher with milk and press the button - in a few seconds you will get whipped foam.

The coffee maker is easy to handle and maintain. The indicator lights indicate the status of the device or its current mode: on / off, making espresso or cappuccino. The water container is completely transparent, so you can clearly determine whether it needs to be topped up. The ECO 311BK model has other features: the removable pallet for drops, the panel for heating of cups.

This coffee maker is an improved version of the previous model in accordance with the European standard EUP. In order to reduce energy costs, the coffee maker is equipped with an automatic shut-off function after 9 minutes if you do not use the device. The price of DeLonghi ECO 311 BK is justified by all its advantages.

Power: 1100 watts. Pressure: 15 bar. Type of work: mechanics. Built-in cappuccino maker with steam control. Heating cups. 3 cream filters: 1st for tableted coffee, 2nd for one serving of coffee, 3rd for two servings of coffee. Type of coffee: ground and chalda. Volume of the container for water: 1,4 l. Housing material: metal. Removable pallet. Professional holder. Built-in tempera. Maximum height of a cup: 8 cm (at the removed pallet of 12 cm). Automatic shutdown.
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