Coffee machine Delonghi ECI341.BK (black)

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DeLonghi ECI 341 BK allows you to make a luxurious cappuccino with milk foam. The system of the same name is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the drink. Beat the milk foam with a hand cappuccino maker and add it to the drink. Enjoy the great taste!

Everything in DeLonghi ECI341BK is arranged so that you do not feel any inconvenience and can make coffee with pleasure. Removable water tank holds 1 liter. A special platform for cups will heat the dishes so that the taste and aroma of the drink are revealed. Making the perfect coffee is easy. The price of the device will pleasantly surprise.

Buy DeLonghi ECI 341.BK - feel in the best coffee shop. The device is not only functional but also beautiful. It belongs to the designer collection. You can control the coffee maker with a convenient controller. The presence of cream filters allows you to use both ground and tablet coffee. By adjusting the intensity of the steam, you can make an espresso or cappuccino as you like. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Power: 1050 watts. Pressure: 15 bar. Type of work: mechanics. Built-in cappuccino maker with steam control. Heating cups. 3 cream filters: 1st for tableted coffee, 2nd for one serving of coffee, 3rd for two servings of coffee. Type of coffee: ground and chalda. Volume of the container for water: 1 l. Housing material: metal. Removable pallet. Professional holder. Temper. Maximum height of a cup: 8 cm (at the removed pallet of 12 cm). Automatic shutdown.
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