Optimal Pro for the dairy system of the coffee machine, 500 ml

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Optimal Pro for cleaning the cappuccino maker from milk residues. Can be used in all automatic coffee makers with built-in cappuccino maker. You can also clean ordinary milk steamers (Panarello) from professional coffee makers.

Stimmer Shoe:
1. Dilute 20 ml in hot water (200 ml).
2. Dip the Steamer into the solution.
3. Serve steam 3 times (with pauses after 15 sec.). Repeat until Steamer is clean.
4. Rinse the Steamer in clean water.
Cappuccino maker cleaning:
1. Stir 20-40 ml of liquid in 0.5 liters of water.
2. Lower the milk intake tube into the diluted product.
3. Run the cappuccino maker cleaning program on the coffee machine, if not, simply turn on the foaming agent (as usual) and skip all diluted detergent.
4. Rinse the system with 1 liter of clean water (also running through the system).


Тип засобу: рідкий засіб
Призначення: для чищення молочної системи кавомашини
Обсяг: 500 мл
Економічність: готове до використання
Виробник (бренд): Optimal

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